Introducing Redcord

Developed in Norway, Redcord is a unique tool designed to help physical therapists diagnose and treat a host of neuromuscular ailments. Don’t let the cute name fool you! In the hands of a trained therapist, the Redcord system can reveal muscle imbalance/weakness, poor activation timing, unhealthy movement strategies, and restore normal movement/function.

Studies show that normal communication between the nervous and muscular systems is often compromised as a result of physical trauma, pain, and/or dysfunction. Unless identified and corrected, this breakdown in neuromuscular communication frequently leads to movement degradation, physical limitation, and even chronic pain syndromes. With Redcord, neuromuscular communication is enhanced and dormant muscles re-activated, restoring normal, pain-free movement and function.

Who may benefit? Redcord has been used effectively to treat those with stroke, neck/back pain, pelvic pain, chronic pain, scoliosis, shoulder pain, and a host of joint-instability issues. It’s also an excellent tool for core strengthening.

Redcord Armarillo TX

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Redcord Armarillo TX
Dr. Rodriques using Redcord to treat a patient.
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