Knee-Hab Program

iPOW was great! I did the knee-hab program for 6 weeks to help delay the possibility of knee replacement. My knee pain is much better and I can walk without a limp for the first time in 2 years! I’m so glad I did this program! The therapists were great to work with and the staff is amazing as well! Thanks iPOW! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs physical therapy!


Osteoarthritis – inflammation due to the wearing away of joint cartilage – can cause debilitating pain, joint deformities, and a decline in overall quality of life. When this condition affects weight-bearing joints like the knee and hip, even simple tasks like climbing stairs or rising from a chair can be agonizing. As a result, physical activity is diminished, or abandoned altogether, leading to new problems like weight gain, poor fitness, and a general decline in health and well-being.

The reason for my visits to iPOW was right knee pain, osteoarthritis and a lateral meniscus tear. Derek Neill set up a program for me that I was hoping would prolong my need for knee surgery. Working with Ambher Longwell was very beneficial in strengthening my knee. I would highly recommend iPOW to anyone needing this type of therapy.

Debbie Risner

While scientific advances have yielded new procedures aimed at stimulating new cartilage growth, science has yet to discover methods for wholesale replacement of lost cartilage. Unfortunately, those seeking medical treatment for this condition are often discouraged to find their options limited to steroid injections, prescription medications, or joint replacement surgery. Little hope is given to those who wish to avoid the risks associated with long-term anti-inflammatory use, addictive pain killers, and invasive procedures (injections, surgery).

At iPOW Physical Therapy & Wellness, we specialize in the provision of conservative treatment options. Our treatment strategies are based on the premise that, given optimal conditions, the human body is extraordinary in its capacity to adapt and heal, regardless of age. We don’t claim to cure osteoarthritis, rather we work with the body’s natural affinity for healing by optimizing the conditions for joint health. This mindset has led us to develop a specialized 6-week program that aims to 1) minimize the impact osteoarthritis has on knee comfort and functional longevity, 2) improve knee joint performance and function, and 3) avoid, or postpone, knee replacement surgery.

While each individual’s osteoarthritic condition is unique, the Knee-Hab Program emphasizes three core components over the course of 6 weeks (18 sessions):

When I first came to iPOW I had constant pain in my right knee. I could not bend it fully or straighten it. A squat was out of the question. The people that work with me were very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. Today on my last visit I was able do full squats without pain. Thanks to everyone at iPOW.


The Reduce Phase is all about reducing joint pain and inflammation to tolerable levels and educating the patient on how to avoid future flare-ups. Once this is achieved, the patient is progressed to the Restore Phase, which focuses on restoring joint integrity and mobility. Finally, the Resume Phase emphasizes the cautious resumption of functional, everyday activities, with special consideration given to the types of activities preferred by the client.

  1. Reduce Phase (6 sessions) – Heavy emphasis on pain control, isometric strengthening, and low-level load bearing*
    1. Class IV Deep Tissue Laser (three times weekly)**
    2. Joint Mobilization
    3. NuStep Recumbent Stepper for mild resistance and range of motion (ROM)
  2. Restore Phase (6 sessions) – Heavy emphasis on progressive strengthening below the pain threshold, correction of faulty joint mechanics
    1. Class IV Deep Tissue Laser (twice weekly)
    2. NuStep Recumbent Stepper for moderate resistance
    3. TotalGym at moderate incline for loaded resistance training through available ROM
  3. Resume Phase (6 sessions) – Heavy emphasis on loaded strengthening through pain-free range and simulation of preferred tasks/activities
    1. Class IV Deep Tissue Laser (once weekly)
    2. TotalGym at high incline for loaded resistance training through available ROM
Very knowledgeable and professional. They really helped my knees, much more than the shots did. I wish my doctor had recommended PT first!


At the conclusion of the program, one of three outcomes will be realized:

  1. Knee pain and function will be improved such that no further medical treatment is necessary
  2. Knee pain and function are improved sufficiently to postpone invasive interventions (injections, knee replacement surgery)
  3. Knee pain and function are not improved, establishing with certainty the need for more aggressive treatment. If the patient elects to undergo knee replacement surgery, postoperative recovery time would likely be decreased for having participated in the Knee-Hab Program.

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*The term “loaded” simply implies that strengthening activities are performed under weight-bearing circumstances. Through the use of specialized equipment, the degree of load is reduced until the activity can be performed without discomfort and then incrementally increased as strength and pain tolerance allow.

**Research demonstrates that Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) can stimulate the growth of new cartilage cells.

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