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If you're frustrated with a painful condition, unable to enjoy being active, or limited in any way by a physical problem and wish to get better without drugs or surgery, we can help!

We cater to people who are discouraged and want answers to their pain and mobility problems!


Personal Relationship.
Natural Care.

What makes iPOW Different?

We believe in the human body's capacity for healing without drugs or invasive surgery and strive to facilitate the healing process through education, manual skills, and corrective exercise.

  • We work with patients one at a time
  • We champion natural healing
  • Ours is a patient-centered clinic
  • We emphasize corrective exercise
  • Immediate appointments available
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Region's only certified geriatric specialist

We Help You Live Pain Free.

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Our Patients Are On The Move...
  • I was having some pretty severe pain in my shoulder, back and neck for a few months. It was my first experience with a physical therapist and Sara was great and helped me get relief very quickly and showed me numerous exercises and stretches to use at home and the gym. Her personable approach, patience and knowledge were awesome. I will not hesitate to return whenever needed. The entire staff was very helpful, friendly and very efficient. Super place! Highly recommend them.

    Mark B.

    physical therapy Amarillo TX
  • After an entire year of what I thought were chronic UTIs I saw a urologist who referred me to Dr. Sarah Rubio for pelvic floor dysfunction therapy. Working with Sarah over the last few months have been nothing short of life changing!! She helped me pinpoint muscle weaknesses and taught me how to strengthen the pelvic floor with functional movements. Since working with her I have been able to resume life and intimacy with my husband. I highly recommend Sarah for anyone suffering from any type of pelvic floor issues and all of the staff at iPow are amazing!!! 10/10 would recommend!

    Meghan D.

    physical therapy Amarillo TX
  • My experience at IPow was incredible!! I had surgery in December 2020 and I was having trouble with the recovery. My range of motion was horrible! I couldn’t raise my arm above my shoulder or behind my back. I can now reach my arm straight up and can reach behind my back! I am so amazed at what they do! I was so discouraged when I came in and thought I might have to have surgery again! They totally fixed me! I am so thankful! I highly recommend IPow for anyone who is in pain!!

    Amy D.

    physical therapy Amarillo TX
  • I have had multiple issues and multiple surgeries and IPOW has been with me all the way. Dr. Riley and Meredith both caught infections when they started after my total knee replacement and were able to call my surgeon and get me in. They also were insistent on getting updates when I could not come for therapy. While the work was at times difficult the staff here at IPOW encouraged me to keep going and after 4 knee surgeries I am able to walk better than before I had surgery! I am so thankful for the care, concern, encouragement and healing I found here!!!

    Carrie M.

    physical therapy Amarillo TX
  • When I came to IPOW I was such a mess. I just had a major back surgery and I was not hopeful that anything would get any better and I was going to be physically broken forever. But was I so wrong! The first person I saw was Traleia and she had helped me at another facility when I could not walk. Right then I knew God had placed me where he knew I was going to get healed. Praised God that Traleia moved to IPOW. The staff were all amazing from April and Sharrise greeting you at the counter to Meredith, Traleia and Dr Robert in the back who treat you like Family.

    Doc H.

    physical therapy Amarillo TX
  • I am so great full for these two. IPOW staff is the sweetest people you will ever meet. My experience here was amazing, I got the help I needed for managing my headaches, and have reached my goal! I would recommend IPOW to anyone who needs physical therapy. I will miss the amazing staff, but I am so grateful to have met my goal, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Robert and Meredith!

    Hannah T.

    physical therapy Amarillo TX