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Ryley and Kristen

Ryley and Kristen

iPOWPhysical Therapy

With an emphasis on manual therapy, education, and corrective exercise, we treat back/neck pain, joint pain, strains/sprains, balance problems, gait abnormalities, stroke, progressive neurological disorders, and a variety of other musculoskeletal conditions.

iPOWDeep Tissue Laser

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a non-invasive treatment used to reduce pain and speed healing. Class IV Deep Tissue Lasers allow for the delivery of a therapeutic dose in a fraction of the time required for traditional laser therapy treatment.

iPOWAlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The AlterG Treadmill reduces impact forces when walking or running and is ideal for those with sport injury, joint/back pain, neurological disorders, balance problems, or weight issues.


Developed by Norwegian physiotherapists, Redcord Active Suspension is a revolutionary new treatment approach for those with musculo-skeletal pain; especially those for whom other approaches have failed.

iPOWConcussion/ Neuro Experts

Your brain is your body’s command center. Its soft, sensitive tissues float in a cushioning fluid within the hard and sturdy skull. But a swift blow to the head or violent shaking can override these protections and lead to a mild type of brain injury known as a concussion.

iPOWGeriatric Wellness

Geriatric physical therapy is a specialized area of physical therapy focusing on optimizing the body’s aging process. Physical therapy is a great, all-natural, hands-on choice to rehabilitate decrease pain, recover function, and improve your quality of life.

iPOWKnee-Hab Program

Designed specifically for arthritis sufferers who wish to avoid knee-replacement surgery, the Knee-Hab Program is a progressive, six-week therapy course with three primary goals: 1) reduce/eliminate arthritic knee pain, 2) restore knee joint integrity, and 3) resume normal, age-appropriate activity.

iPOWPost-Surgical Rehabilitation

While championing conservative methods for overcoming joint, neck, and back pain, there are times when surgical intervention is necessary. iPOW Physical Therapy & Wellness Physical Therapy staff is skilled in the provision of post-surgical rehabilitation and will work closely with your surgeon to achieve the best possible post-surgical outcome.

iPOWPelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic floor therapy, sometimes called pelvic rehab, is a specialized program designed to engage and rehabilitate the muscles of the pelvic floor to lessen or resolve the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction. Ideally, pelvic floor therapy is delivered by a physical therapist with specialized training in pelvic floor anatomy and function.