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Are you looking for a drug-free, affordable solution to your pain and movement problems?

Physical therapy is a great first-line treatment for most muscle and joint problems. Clinically proven to reduce pain and dysfunction (abnormalities), physical therapy also saves you time and money too. Although other kinds of practitioners will offer some of these treatments as "physical therapy," it's important for you to know that physical therapy can only be provided by qualified and licensed physical therapists.

The cornerstones of physical therapy treatment are:

  • Patient Education
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Functional Training
  • Hands-on Manual Therapy

Depending on the particular needs of a patient, physical therapists may also "mobilize" or "manipulate" a joint (that is, perform certain types of movements at the end of your range of motion) or perform certain soft tissue techniques to muscles to promote proper movement and function.

Physical Therapy Amarillo TX

Our Brand of Physical Therapy

At iPOW Physical Therapy & Wellness we like to believe that our brand of physical therapy is a bit different from that of your typical provider. Do we treat back pain? Absolutely! Neck, shoulder, knee, ankle? Of course! What's different is our approach. We are champions of conservative care; meaning, we believe most problems of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems (and many other systems for that matter) respond best to natural treatment approaches. For this reason, we spend an unusual amount of time (by healthcare standards) with our patients in an effort to fully understand their problems and create effective solutions.

What you won't get at our clinic is stuck on a stationary bike for 15 minutes while your therapist tends to other patients. Nor will you receive a great deal of "feel good" care like hot packs or paraffin baths. Those things have their place in the therapeutic world, but we prefer to spend your time actively moving you down the road to recovery; assessing, teaching, adjusting, and guiding you in corrective exercise.

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