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With an emphasis on manual therapy, education, and corrective exercise, we treat back/neck pain, joint pain, strains/sprains, balance problems, gait abnormalities, stroke, progressive neurological disorders, and a variety of other musculo-skeletal conditions. 
Geriatric Wellness Services
Maintenance, prevention, and wellness programs designed to prevent functional decline, minimize risk for injury, and maximize quality of life for the geriatric population.
The AlterG Treadmill reduces impact forces when walking or running and is ideal for those with sport injury, joint/back pain, neurological disorders, balance problems, or weight issues. 
iPOW is now able to provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy services in the home setting. That's right, if you're home-bound, lack access to transportation, or simply prefer to receive care in the comfort of your own home, we'll come to you! For more information, call 806-803-9165.
iPOW Physical Therapy
Laura Avila
iPOW Physical Therapy
Developed by Norwegian physiotherapists, Redcord Active Suspension is a revolutionary new treatment approach for those with musculo-skeletal pain; especially those for whom other approaches have failed. 
Ryley and Kristen
Laura Avila