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  • Is pain keeping you from the activities you enjoy? 
  • Do you hate the idea of “popping a pill” to feel better? 
  • Are you limited by poor fitness or lack of energy? 
  • Are you worried that your body is falling apart?
Whether you’re an athlete, business owner, stay-at-home mom, or senior adult, our therapists are experts at finding solutions for the physical problems that keep you down!
In Pursuit of Wellness
Post Concussion Syndrome
Post concussion syndrome is the name given to a group of symptoms that may occur following a concussion or head trauma. Symptoms often include headache, anxiety, increased sensitivity to light or noise, loss of concentration, poor memory, fatigue, and insomnia. In some cases, symptoms may last for weeks or months post injury. Here at iPOW Physical Therapy & Wellness, we work closely with local neurologists and specialize in the provision of graded, progressive treatment strategies for post concussion syndrome. 
Deborah and Dr. Rodriques
Emma Weems and Ryley Rodriques, PT, DPT
iPOW Physical Therapy & Wellness
3440 Bell Street, Suite 306
Amarillo, Texas 79109
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Ryley Rodriques, PT, DPT, GCS
"Ryley really knows his stuff...I have seen a huge improvement in myself physically and mentally. Ryley really helped lower my headaches from a 7 to a 2. He has helped stretch my endurance. I highly recommend iPOW!"

                                                        - Aurora Washington
Aurora Washington and Dr. Rodriques
Wonderful! Friendly and helpful. My daughter has dysautonomia and Ryley really helped improve her quality of life! We are really grateful.
                    - Mother of Deborah Hromas
I started having chronic headaches/migraines when I was nine and it became a daily thing. My parents tried everything! A few months ago my neurologist suggested iPOW. After a couple appointments I started feeling almost like a new person! I got to almost zero headaches and if I do have a headache, it is very mild!!!
​                                             - Emma Weems 
Emma Weems
Deborah Hromas and Ryley Rodriques, PT, DPT